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Call for papers for the “Biological Control” Special Issue of JIA

 Call for papers for the “Biological Control” Special Issue of JIA


——About JIA:
The Journal of Integrative Agriculture (JIA), founded in 2002, is an official publication of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS). It is a peer-reviewed and multidisciplinary journal of agricultural research, it has been indexed by SCI since 2009, and its latest impact factor issued by JCR is 1.042.

——About the Special Issue:
Plant Protection research has, from the very inception of the journal, been an important pillar of JIA’s content. We have published many research papers and reviews relating to plant pathology and to the management of agricultural pest insects and weeds with a variety of chemical and biological agents. We are happy to announce our plans for a “Biological Control Special Issue for JIA based on the First International Congress on Biological Control. This Special Issue will be guided by Prof. Fang-hao WAN, the Section Editor of the Plant Protection Section of JIA, as well as by Prof. De-wen QIU and Prof. George Heimpel. 
The special issue will contain 20-30 papers, including reviews, research articles, and short communications. Logistically, all of the submitted manuscripts will initially be evaluated by the Section Editor or Guest Editors. Subsequently, manuscripts deemed by the Editors to be suitable for further review should be submitted by authors via the ScholarOne system. These manuscripts will then undergo further peer-review and may be accepted or rejected depending on the peer-review comments and discretion of the Editors.

——Important Date:

The a
ccepted papers will be published together as a Special Issue at JIA. We ask that authors submit potential manuscripts for the Biological Control Special Issue prior to 30 October, 2018. We kindly invite you to view our JIA brochure and our website to obtain detailed instructions for authors.

——Contact Us:
Section Editor: Prof. Fang-hao Wan              E-mail: [email protected]
Guest Editors:  Prof. De-wen Qiu                   E-mail: [email protected]
   Prof. George Heimpel            E-mail: [email protected] 
Managing Editor: Lu-juan Sun
                            E-mail: [email protected]
      Tel: 010-82106279

——Submission website:

——Join Us:
sincerely invite you to contribute your exciting new research results to JIA, and we are happy to partner with you as we continually endeavor to advance both the academic quality and the international influence of JIA. Many thanks for your support! 


Welcome to join the WeChat of Biological control Special Issue of JIA

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